Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Now that I've gotten the first and most irrelevant post out of the way, I'll venture a more meaningful passage, namely defining the range and scope of this blog. 

A few definitions should speed up the process. 

[from Merriam-Webster.com]

transitive verb

: to expose to hazard : riskgamble <ventured a buck or two on the race>

: to undertake the risks and dangers of : brave <ventured the stormy sea>

: to offer at the risk of rebuff, rejection, or censure<venture an opinion>
intransitive verb
: to proceed especially in the face of danger

OK, what about...



a : an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risksb : the encountering of risks adventure>


: an exciting or remarkable experience adventure in exotic dining>

: an enterprise involving financial risk


So, basically this blog will be an amalgam of all things risky, exciting, or remarkable in my life presented to you--at the risk of occasionally looking like a fool.

Heres another picture.

Monday, February 27, 2012


Hi! The first post is always useless, because nobody knows this exists yet. But without a first I guess there can't be a second, so here goes... As the title states, this will be a place to keep up with my latest adventures (or regular ventures). There will be photos, videos, music, musings, travels, and anything else that floats through my head, so hold on and don't take anything here too seriously cause it gets a little confabulated in there sometimes. How bout we start with some pictures I took? People use blogs for that don't they?

Heres a heating dish, a dog, a cat, Brentwood (my house's home) in miniature, and a preliminary test of some light painting (we'll get into that one a little more later).

Have an exciting day.