Thursday, March 29, 2012

video done?

So, I finally have a completed version of the camping trip video.  I still need to get a camera stabilizer, but until then I had to settle for part of my tripod with a 3 pound weight strapped to the bottom and final cut pro's 'smooth cam' effect.  Its a little jellyish at points, but its what I can do for now.  Play it in full screen, and ignore the wobbliness.

Have a relaxing day.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Went camping last weekend at wolf rocks and loved it.  I have some videos in the works as we speak.  Until they're done (assuming they are up to standards) heres something for you to watch and think about.  I couldn't say it better myself.

I'll end this post just as an older woman ended her conversation with me earlier this week.

Have a nice life time.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Woods.In the woods.

Eva and I went for a walk in the woods yesterday.  It was fun.  I took all these (and many more) photos along with some videos that didn't turn out so well.  I need a steady cam to balance my shots out.  I woke up today with my first ever tick bleeding me dry from the back of my calf.  The sucker almost made me late for work (god forbid!).  In other exciting news, I found a counterfeit $100 bill at work today.  It is amazing what they've done with these things! They look identical to real bills, they have blue and red security threads throughout the paper, magnetic strips in the paper that read 'USA 100', a watermark, and they even pass the counterfeit marker test that is the standard in checking for bad bills.  The only thing wrong with the bills is that the serial number for the bills is incorrect for the year they claim to be issued in.  So, looking at all the bills in front of me, one fake, the rest real, I got to thinking what the real difference is.  I already harbor great disdain for our money system, so it didn't take a big effort to jump to the side of the counterfeiters.  If we had any integrity in our economy I might be upset with people trying to cheat the system, but when the system is cheating us, I'm the first to cheer on the little guy, big as they may be to have the resources to make such pristine fake bills.  If you don't yet know how our money system works you should look in to it.  Money as Debt on youtube is a good, if cheesy, intro. It may be a little boring for some but the information is extremely valuable and not enough people take the time to familiarize themselves with it.  Sorry to turn this into an economy rant, I'll stop now.  I'll be purchasing my steady cam with my tax refund (taxes, don't get me started on those!) and should be updating with some nice stable videos soon.  I also have three other vids in the works and on the verge of completion.  You'll see them soon enough.  For now, heres some woods photos.
Nicely framed picture of nothing in particular
I love this thing! ^^^ as far as i can tell a twig was stuck in the ground when a flood happened and the twig collected various floating debris until it came out looking like a strange flower.
Eva loved this Red fungus so we put it near this nice green moss.

Thats all for now.  Have a relaxing day.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A test.

Heres a attempt at a time-lapse video of my fair city that I took the other day. (just a low quality version for now)  Its a little jittery, but I'm mostly happy with it for a first attempt.  I was moving the camera by hand between shots, so I guess some jumpiness is to be expected.

I'll get a high quality version up when I perfect the smoothness and timing.  

Have a fun day.

Monday, March 5, 2012

I know that! But how?

I got a fortune at an asian restaurant a few days ago.  It reads "pursue your wishes aggressively." Not as good as this one, but a timely message nonetheless.  Its great  how things seem to be pushing you along in the right direction sometimes. I say that because that message is kind of what this blog is about.  I want to be more productive in my life, specifically in film, and I figured that starting something that I'd have to contribute to on somewhat of a regular basis would get me on track to that end.  Anyways, heres a list of words and phrases I like and dislike.
Stupid? Maybe.
Productive? I don't know...

  1. CERTAIN - because it's a word that refers to something specific that shall remain anonymous.  
  2. QUAINT - because it itself is. 
  3. IGNORANT - because most people who use it are ignorant of its definition. 
  4. GROWN-UP - because its what kids call adults who are on their side. (You don't want to be an adult.  You want to be this.)
  1. "MOST PEOPLE ONLY DREAM OF" - I hate this phrase, because it is just an excuse for people to fall in line and not take risks.  It indicates a lack of  adventurousness.  The only reason 'most people only dream of' some things is because they're unambitious, or afraid, or have distracted themselves from the fact that they only live once and they should make the most of it, not dream of making the most of it.  (R.I.P. Bill Hicks)
  2. NO - Barring some circumstances where you'd be harming yourself or others, its just a hinderance, and there are enough of those in life that you don't need to be adding to them.   
  3. MAYBE - because it pretty much means no. 
I guess I should keep the photo thing going.  Heres me last halloween being a grown-up in a costume from a certain quaint cartoon of which, I'd bet, you may be ignorant.  

Watch this.  Then you'll get it.
Hopefully I can get a few little movies done soon to put up on here.  Stay tuned... that is, if anyone is even listening.  

P.S. That picture of the 'thrilling time' fortune cookie is one my friend Bryce and I received at a chinese restaurant in the first week of a BMX bike ride from pittsburgh to florida.  You can read all about it here.
Here's Bryce's blog too.