Friday, January 4, 2013

Better late than never

     Well, I'm right on time again--about a week late. . . I think bi-weekly is a reasonable timeframe for blog posts though.  Maybe I'll adopt that for now, and hopefully there will be some bonus blogs for you along the way too.
     The world didn't end (damn mayans), so I guess I owe you another post now.  In these past  snowy weeks, I've been putting my east coast BMX adventure to words in what I hope one day will be an entertaining book.  I've also started noting--each day--my accomplishments in a journal.  I haven't yet devised a penalty/award system for myself, but it is rewarding regardless.  Today's list included selling my old computer and (finally) putting together a (joke) slideshow using my pictures from Europe. Productive. Once I remove some faces that prefer to not be shown, I'll probably post it up here.  I've taken some pictures recently too, but haven't had time to do the editing on the majority of them, but here's what I have for you now.

Have a snowy, productive day.