Friday, October 19, 2012

Better learn quick!

     It's getting cold!  But it's still warmish for now.  I was rained out of a little photo endeavor I had planned, so I spent the week doing things I haven't done much recently; playing poker (I thought I'd be rusty, but actually winning!) and during the dry days riding flatland BMX; both things at which I used to be quite adept, but which I've practiced much less than necessary to stay on top of.  Poker went well, as I said, but I still need a little work on the bike to get back all of my old tricks. I'm hoping to relearn enough before the winter rolls in to make a video for the site.  I was watching videos online to get some inspiration, and came across this:


Great... a new toy I have to buy!   Maybe later, but if anyone would like to purchase me one of these, or purchase yourself one for that matter, you can do so here:  I'll take the black edition, please!

Have a warmish day.

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