Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy birthday to me.

    Maybe not the most appropriate picture for a birthday celebration, but whatever.  I like it.  Got a GoPro HERO2 for my birthday on Monday.  Awesome!  Now I won't be having to purchase one for my next video endeavor.  It wasn't even a year ago that I thought these little cameras were toys, but then I saw what they can do in many videos online.

     I couldn't wait to try one myself.  I've talked to Rob at bar 11 and will be filming for my next video this and next weekend.  If I can get the hang of this new camera then it should be a good one. Pictures are fun.  Heres a few from a short trip to McConnells Mill state park a few weeks back.

Sorry about the less than eventful post, but hey, its my damn birthday!

Have a productive day yourself.

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