Friday, August 3, 2012


       Busy, busy, busy.  Trips to plan. . . weddings to attend. . . ideas to crystalize. . .  My friend is getting married this weekend.  There's one of the few adventures I don't think I'm ready for at the moment.  On the topic of adventures I am ready for, however, I'll be going to South Carolina next weekend, and if I can keep myself from getting too distracted with the fun I'll be making a video for you all to see.  Apart from that news, I've been talking about Rube Goldberg a bit with another friend of mine. . .  you know, the ridiculous, overly elaborate machines that people engineer to do mundane tasks for no particular reason other than having some fun. . .  well anyways, she and I may have a little something fun to exhibit ourselves in a short while.  Stay tuned for the South Carolina video, and the other little surprise we're planning in the coming weeks.    
       You may have noticed there are some extra buttons at the top of the screen.  They'll help everyone keep up with all of my ventures outside of this blog.  I'm most excited about the trading post.  I've wanted to do something more with my photography for a while, but didn't know what until just recently.  It only has one item for now, but it'll grow in time.  I'll let you check it out for yourself, but heres a little hint of whats inside, or rather a dead giveaway. 

Have a ridiculous day.

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