Friday, August 24, 2012

So... I guess you've noticed...

     I missed last week's post.  No... the blog isn't dead... I was on vacation with my family and for that I apologize.  What I don't apologize for, however, is the all the spectacular video footage I got while I was away.  It was a huge success, even though I probably did more work filming and photographing the whole endeavor than I would have done if I had stayed home at my job.  No matter.  If I wanted to rest I could have stayed in bed.  So, anyways, blog posts will now continue as normal, and I'll have the footage (about 300 video clips to be exact) put together to show you all within the next few weeks.  Until then you can look to these great videos which I'll be viewing for inspiration in making mine.

Have a successful day.

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